Andy writes to Raising Cane's

Hi, I was at your Costa Mesa location ready to clog my arteries with some deep fried goodness on Sunday so I ordered two Caniacs and one box combo. I know what you're thinking - damn, this guy must tip every canoe he enters. But actually, I'm not *that* fat and I was dining with friends, which is surprising given my penchant for visiting restaurant websites and leaving feedback.

Anyway, after we placed our ordered, we waited eagerly to be graced by the deep fried gods only to watch a crewmember knock one of our Caniac combos off the counter. Now let me tell you - I've seen some bad things in my life. I've seen M Night Shamalalala's The Last Airbender. I actually paid money to go see it and the pain that movie caused my emotional well-being was nothing compared to watching these golden chicken tendies fall to the ground. The crewmember took it in stride and cleaned it up almost immediately. We waited a little while longer for another combo to come out while the smell of frying chicken taunted us. When our food finally came out, I noticed that one of the Caniac combos had an extra slice of Texas Toast. I immediately assumed it was an apology by the crewmember for pulling her best Snoop Dogg impression and dropping it like it's hot. We were very grateful as we took our food outside to our table.

As soon as we sat down, the same crewmember came out and asked for one of the Caniac's back, ostensibly because they "forgot to put salt on the fries". Now, I say this in the most sarcastic way possible - I'm talking Austin Powers-esque finger quotes - because why would she only take one basket? Surely the fries aren't seasoned by individual combos? She took the basket with two slices of Texas Toast and when she came back, there was only one slice remaining. Did one of the other slices manage to do what Boba Fett could not and escape from being thrown into a gaping maw? What ever happened, we ended up with one less Texas Toast than expected and our fries were still unsalted. I'm from Texas myself so I understand the importance of butter and carbs in a balanced diet. Without this proper nutrition, I might drop down to a size 42 waist and I wouldn't need a King Ranch F350 to carry me and my Rascal around.

The good news is that this tribulation turned what could have been a forced lunch conversation into a lively meal-time discussion. Everything else was good but this experience has left me perplexed. Is this the normal way to go about things? Granted, she was incredibly smooth about the whole ordeal but it seemed like a lot of effort to get a buttery bread brick back.