KARMA - Gyesera Development Series

The Gyesera was making its long awaited public reveal at Amelia Island. Media interest was buzzing from the previously revealed Kaveya super coupe, so we aimed to capitalize on this hype by releasing a series of videos leading up to the public unveiling. 

But we ran into one issue: there was nothing to show.

No product, no finalized specs or tech that would drum up interest. I felt the best way to help viewers build an emotional connection to the soon-to-be-released vehicle was to highlight the design and engineering philosophies that built the foundation of Gyesera. 

Selected Works

Social Media VideosProject type

Car PhotographyProject type

Karma GS-6Project type

ChargepointProduct Design

My Karma AppUI UX Design

Karma SC2Advertisement

Raiders x KarmaAdvertisement